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Pharmacist offering Medical Consultation

Advancing Kidney Health through Optimal Medication Management


Every person with kidney disease receives optimal medication management through team-based care including a pharmacist to ensure their medications are safe, effective, affordable and can be taken as intended.

Doctor and Patient
Doctor with patient at Appointment


Engage pharmacists and key stakeholders to develop partnerships for optimal medication management in persons with kidney disease to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

We are putting our goals into action through development of curriculum for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals and a learning and action collaborative to aid nephrology practices, value-based kidney care companies & health systems to incorporate pharmacists into their practice setting to optimize medication management in patients with kidney diseases.


Developed nephrology practice standards for pharmacists providing care for patients with kidney disease

Developed nephrology education standards for pharmacists practicing in outpatient settings


Engage key stakeholders to drive optimal medication management practices

Develop curriculum for pharmacists and other HCPs to optimize medication management in patients with kidney disease

Develop a Learning and Action Collaborative to aid practices in implementing a pharmacist into their care team

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